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 Lifestyle, Stress and Anger Management Courses
Our resident therapist will gently guide you to a happier place.  All courses come with workbooks for reference and are a great place to discuss freely everyday issues and coping strategies.  Why not obtain the benefit of the therapies at a fraction of the cost?   With the added bonus of meeting likeminded people with the same goal – to be more relaxed, in control and to enjoy life more – we feel sure you’ll enjoy the experience.

The Lifestyle classes offer a great mix of skills we all need; time management, assertive behaviour and relaxation techniques for example.  After attending all six weeks, you can expect to feel great, confident and ready for anything.  If you would like to come with a friend or partner, all the better!

The Stress and Anger Management course offers practical advice along with exercises to help you cope with stressful situations life throws at us; children, work colleagues and bad drivers to name but a few!  Emma has experience working with clients from all walks of life and with all manner of ‘stressors’, so you can be assured that there will be something for you.  Within the short space of just six weeks you can expect to cope with situations calmly, find old stressors ‘trivial’ and enjoy life that little bit more.