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This course has been designed for people who need a little bit of help.  It may be help speaking up, saying ‘No’, with time keeping, organising a busy life … the list can go on.  This course has been designed to incorporate therapy with skills training, so not only will you learn new skills you will feel better about yourself and be able to cope in many different situations you once found stressful.

You will learn how to deliver your own message in a positive way and what the word ‘Assertive’ really means and how and when to use this behavior.  By building on this new behavior you can easily respect your own opinions and speak freely, whilst taking responsibility in a way which will not cause conflict in relationships. 
With these new found skills you will be able to manage time and people easier, you will be able to assess any situation and come up with creative solutions for time and priorities.

By the end of the course you can look forward to having a positive mental picture of yourself and put people and situations that you used to find intimidating into perspective.

The course is held over six consecutive weeks and attendance on all sessions is crucial for the effectiveness of the course.  Therefore, to make attendance easier we have allocated a different evening each week to make the course easier to fit in with other commitments you may have.  You will have small assignments to carry out between each class – nothing too strenuous, just keeping a short log of events and running through the relaxation techniques.  We limit the number of people per class so that your trainer gets to know you on a 1 – 1 basis.  You will form close bonds with others on the course and you can freely discuss issues without fear or intimidation.  There will be NO ROLE PLAY.  All we ask is that you attend with an open mind, do the homework and look forward to a more positive and happier you.

The total cost for 13 hours of therapy and learning (held over six sessions) is £180.00 (inc VAT).  If you are a business or if your employer is willing to pay for these classes, we can offer a pro-forma invoice.  Payment is due prior to course commencement.  We accept cash, cheque or can send a PayPal invoice for card payment.