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Swedish Massage
A treatment for those who struggle to relax and unwind. Swedish massage is gentle, flowing and relaxing it can help to relieve stress and muscle tension. It can help to clear toxin build up within muscles and improve circulation, leaving you feeling carefree.

Advanced Massage
A slightly firmer massage that incorporates stretching and kneading to relieve deeper muscle tension and stiffness. Will help to boost circulation and keep joints moving freely, great for promoting relaxation and relieving general aches and pains.

Deep Tissue/Sports Massage

Deep vigorous massage manipulating soft tissue and ligaments to alleviate tension build up from regular sporting activities or an active lifestyle, this massage helps to improves flexibility of muscles and decrease muscle spasm. A full body massage, which includes attention to specific problem areas and injuries if required.

De stressing Back, Neck & Shoulders
A relaxing but beneficial massage concentrating on these areas to ease shoulder stiffness, stress, lower back and neck pain. This massage includes hands and arms for a full upper body treatment.