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Sessions for Adults

There will be times in life when you realise that you’re not getting the results you had hoped for.  Those around you can misunderstand what you say or you are accused of being ‘too sensitive’ or ‘always having a go at me’.   The majority of adults say ‘well that’s just me, if they don’t like it tough’.  This kind of behaviour will, no doubt, limit the opportunities open to that individual and the ability to have wonderful relationships and friendships.

Perhaps you’ve accepted your OCD, Anxiety, Depression or Phobia as part of you.  It isn’t a limb or a part of you that you can point to and identify like and arm or leg, but it feels like it’s always there.  Or, maybe you suffered abuse at the hand of someone close to you, or were involved with a traumatic event and you feel that part of you is now firmly ‘fixed’ in that space in time.  Do you want to rid yourself of these psychological issues and find the power to live as the best ‘version’ of you again?

In therapy we believe that the person with the most flexibility will achieve the most positive outcome.  We offer only focused ‘outcome’ therapy.  If you have a clear goal to achieve, or have a specific behaviour pattern you would like to move away from then our therapies can help.  You will still be the same person you are now, there is no doubt about that, but the difference will be in your reactions to stressful situations, interactions with work colleagues, family and friends and your general tolerance levels will increase.   Some people describe going through therapy as a journey, whilst others are just pleased they have learnt how to put a ‘force field’ around themselves for protection.    Whatever you need, you have the capacity to be happy again, maybe in a way that you have never been before.

The therapist is highly qualified in a range of therapeutic interventions and all are scientifically proven.  All therapy is solution focused and is brief (ie as few sessions as possible, generally one to six).  The sessions are all based upon the ‘Human Givens’ approach to psychotherapy; fast, solution orientated and practical.  Your Practitioner will carefully prepare a tailor-made programme for you which you will work through together.  See the ‘About Our Therapist’ page for more details.