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Coaching, Training, Focus - it’s a team game (Sessions for Young Adults)

Coaching, Training, Focus - it’s a team game (Sessions for Young Adults)Sometimes it seems like everyone’s against you, even the weather is against you!!  Sometimes we can get so angry or upset that we just don’t want to talk to anyone ☹  Sometimes it seems that everyone else is happier than we are, or have more than we have, or do more than we do and it’s just so annoying – Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your trainer will help you to learn how to manage these feelings – which puts you back control.  You can start to do more, have more, be happier.  In fact, by learning how to go into a situation (or to a person) in a different way we can very often get a much better reaction than we are used to getting.  Things such as tests at school, making friends again after falling out, arguments with Mum or Dad (or both!!) are less of a problem to you.

You have to want to change before your coach will work with you.  Because, you can do anything with a little time and practice.  Just think about when you first learnt to ride a bike?  You didn’t simply get on and ride - you had help (and probably stabilisers) and you may have even fallen off a couple of times.  BUT, you kept practicing and you can now ride a bike.  So you will have to practice the new things you want to do, and then you really can get good at them.  Description:

So whether you want to practice getting better at:

  • Having less arguments
  • Asking people to give you some time alone
  • Enjoying being in groups more
  • Getting along with your family better
  • Asking for help
  • Eating foods that make you strong and fit
  • Getting your homework over and done with quickly
  • Anything and everything!!!!

You and your trainer can work out a plan together