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Summer Beauty Menu

Zesty Citrus DrizzleCream Tea
This menu focuses on nourishing and moisturising the skin.  After your treatments you will feel smooth, plumped and fully pampered.

Your starter is an eyebrow wax, which starts the smooth theme of this menu. This is followed by your main course.  A soothing facial using Rose extract products (reminiscent of those heady summer evenings) promises to lift your spirits and bring the dew back into your skin.

Your dessert for this menu is an arm and hand massage.  Using a rich soufflé cream, the softness to the skin will be enhanced as well as your well-being.

Minty Spring LeavesTutti Fruity Spectacular
This menu has been designed for the woman who loves summer and embraces the light and freedom it gives.

Your starter is a foot spa using essential oils to reduce puffiness.

This treatment leads beautifully on to the main course of a half leg wax and conditioning pedicure.  Both of these treatments leave the lower body looking shiny and new, just ready for the summer wardrobe.

To end this ‘spectacular’ menu a polish of your choice is applied as the cherry on top.

Blossom Sorbet Pimms In The Garden
This menu is a real treat for the senses.
You start this menu with a facial cleanse and tone to freshen you up for the main course.  This main part of the menu uses selected essential oils to leave you feeling fully.

revitalised.  A deep cleansing facial mask is applied before you receive an uplifting, ‘re-balance’ massage.  Treating the face, scalp, ears, shoulders and arms - we should warn you that this treatment is seriously relaxing and you may not want to leave!

Therefore, your dessert is a final facial tone and moisturise.